Bıçakcılar Foreign Trade Import and Export Co. is one of the developing companies of Turkish electrical sector which creates reliable and competitive solutions for all types of electrical material needs of industrial and/or commercial customers in Turkey and abroad.

As a part of Bıçakçılar Electric Group, company uses its successful background and strong financial power to serve all customers with the best local and international brands such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens and GE.

Having strong long-term commercial relations with the local and international suppliers, provide quick and accurate response to the customer requests and on time delivery. Our Win-Win strategy is absolute basis in trade activities so our customers become our long term partners to reach common goals to serve in successfully in global markets and provide sustainable growth in mutual business.

Company mainly takes place in sales and marketing of Low and Medium Voltage Products and Systems, Power Factor Correction, Monitoring and Measuring of Energy,Protection, Control Products and Special Cables. In case customer requests special materials, company can provide it by means of wide network of suppliers all around the world.

Bıçakcılar Foreign Trade Import and Export Co. welcomes; all wholesalers and retailers of electrical materials, panel manufacturers, EPC Contractors, OEMs and end users to share its strong experience and low cost opportunities to expand their business profits.